You’re stuffed. After a few days in Venice you’ve eaten more pizza, pasta and polenta than you’ve had in your whole life and – albeit delicious – you’d probably welcome a change of menu.

Having had the mantra “You are what you eat” drilled into our heads for the past decade, the health conscious are opting for lighter meals nowadays, and sushi comes tops. It’s sophisticated and tasty; lean, healthy food that leaves you feeling light and full of energy. That means getting more sightseeing done in the afternoon or having a whole lot more energy after dinner – something you definitely need for bar hopping around Venice. Venetian cuisine is steeped in seafood, so you might find local dishes served alongside sushi and sashimi, or fusion dishes combining the two.

For centuries Venice was the gateway to the East and a point of exchange between East and West, allowing for a multitude of people, customs and goods to pass through its lagoons. These cultures and riches played an important role in forming both Venice as a city and the Venetian culture. The use of spices (pepper, cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg) in Venetian food, as well as the many different ways of serving rice, reflects the influence the East had on Venetian cuisine.Venice embraced the cultural diversity it acquired with its command of the seas as it dominated trade between Europe and the Middle East.

However, if you’re craving an authentic taste of India, Venice has that too.

Here’s our pick of Sushi Restaurants in Venice or if you prefer something spicy, scroll down for Indian Cuisine at its best…


Luna Sentada, Sestiere Castello 5018. Tel. 041 3097891

A good mix of fresh Asian and Venetian inspired cuisine. This innovative restaurant centres on Venetian traditions that balance between the East and the West. Expect more than a meal – their menu will take you on a journey from the lagoon to far away lands. (Closed on Wednesdays)

NaranzariaSestiere San Polo 130. Tel. 041 7241035

Being next-door neighbours to the Rialto fish market means quality, super fresh fish guaranteed. At Naranzaria the warmth of a osteria meets with the exotic flavours of sushi. Chef Akira prepares both fish and meat dishes and should you prefer something hot enjoy the vegetarian tabbouleh or salmon cooked in salt and drizzled with brie or monkfish with saffron and red salt. Creative cuisine to suit a wide range of tastes. (Closed on Mondays)

Mirai Creative SushiSestiere Cannaregio 227. Tel. 041 2206517

Only a short walk from the train station, Mirai was the first Japanese restaurant to open in Venice. Chef Norio Nishibori prepares a creative selection of sushi, sashimi, tempura, shisoten – traditional Japanese specialities creatively prepared with quality seafood. Enjoy your meal with sake, Japanese beer or Italian wine. Do try the cocktail made with sake.

City Coffee & Sushi, Piazzale San Lorenzo Giustiniani 16/18, Mestre. Tel. 041 971144

This is one for those staying on the mainland – an exclusive restaurant where time seems to stop while the palate delights in exotic flavours. Sashimi, hosomaki, nigiri, followed by vegetarian or seafood udon, chicken curry with vegetables and rice or the teriyaki, tempura, temaki, uramaki and futomaki – exquisite Japanese cuisine prepared with creative flair. (Open daily for lunch and dinner – Closed for dinner on Mondays)


Ganesh JiSestiere San Polo 2426. Tel. 041 719804

This was the first Indian restaurant to open in Venice in 1997. The experienced chef, Singh Prhpal, puts together authentic dishes with spices and rice imported directly from India and Bangladesh. Both meat and seafood dishes are served, and vegetarians are in for a treat too. A lovely location with tables right on the canal where you can sit back, enjoy an incredible view, and reasonably-priced, tasty Indian food. (Closed on Wednesdays)

By Sarah Hardwick

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