A simple guide to cocktail hours with platters of cold cuts and cicchetti.

In Treviso, taverns and wine bars are popping up on every corner, with their counters full of vices and the flavours of the land, which would even make an ascetic Hindu fall into temptation. Stroll around this city and you will feel as if in a minefield, risking a panic-attack because of all the food and wine to choose from. Here are several places where you’ll find the best.

“Great classics” is an understatement: fifty years and still going strong for the Botegon in Piazzale Burchiellati. Managed by a young staff, it has been able to revive the freshness of the authentic Venetian cocktail hour. Its counter is well-stocked with snails, cartilage, fried shrimp, baby octopus, sandwiches with roast pork, and legendary homemade meatballs. Obviously, their selection of wines and craft beers is excellent.

The Osteria Arman, in front of Piazzale Burchiellati, embodies the history of the cicchetterias of Treviso. During any season, its counters overflow with crostini, canapés, and paninetti with freshly-prepared products. A special mention for the local cold cuts.

Full Name: Vechia Hosteria con Alimentari. Whether it’s spelled correctly with two Ts and not or one, it doesn’t matter, cocktail hour is rustic at Dai Naneti with a paninetto and a light wine. A must for those in Treviso. Mortadella or prosciuitto? Better avoid any indecision and play it safe with a nice platter of mixed cold cuts. A unique environment full of objects hanging on the walls … the history of a place among the most historic of the city.

Another institution for the city is Muscoli’s, king of the fish markets of Treviso. Especially in the summer, a necessary tribute to local culture is to sit at the outdoor tables while enjoying a roast pork sandwich, a crostino with salted cod, and much more, without forgetting to order the mandatory Prosecco!

If you’ve never been to Dalla Gigia, rush over to Vicolo Barberie to make amends for your lack of information with a “mozza” by Master Ovidio. Anchovy or ham? I dare you to stop at just one.

It has all the warmth of the authentic taverns of Treviso, the Osteria Ai Filodrammatici in the homonymous street in front of the Loggia dei Cavalieri. Here, you can come by not only for a light lunch or a rich dinner with their typical and most loved traditional dishes, but also for a simple aperitif… obviously a light wine and cicchetti with “musetto” sausage and polenta, sardines in sweet and sour sauce, meatballs, canapés with Sauris prosciutto and drunk cheese.

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