A ride through the fascinating geographical areas of the Veneto region on a very Italian Vespa. We are talking about the so-called experiential tourism around the Dolomites. You can explore in a unique way the Prosecco Superiore area, the Cansiglio forest and Grotte del Caglieron, or you can adventure in the charming itinerary which crosses Diga del Vajont (Vayont Dam) and the ghost landscapes of Erto and Casso up to Barcis or ride up to the “100 days road” (Passo San Boldo) all the way up to Nevegal and Mount Visentin. If you wish to travel in a relaxed manner, then you should address to the agency Vespa Rent Dolomiti which supplies detailed photo “road-books” so that you don’t miss out on views, landscapes and why not, restaurants with special arrangements where you can taste the typical flavours of the area.
Let’s discover the five suggested itineraries. You can look for each of the places mentioned in bold on Google Maps and build up your itinerary step by step. As for itineraries away from the main roads, it is best to use the detailed itineraries supplied by the agency.

FORESTA CANSIGLIO (Cansiglio Forest) – Source of wood for the fleet of the Republic of Venice

Ride along Lago di Santa Croce, cross Spert and Tambre, pass by the famous house shaped like a book, and then the Cansiglio Foresta. Throughout the centuries, the forest was famous for its million trees and thousands deers. It was a colony of the Venetian Republic which used it to supply wood for the making of its fleet and it was inhabited by the Longobard Cimbri people, where their ancestors still live. The itinerary ends with the caves “Grotte di Caglieron”.

THE FIRST WORLD WAR – A military road, the Brent de l’Art Canyon and …
Ride along the fascinating road uphill built in only 100 days back in 1918 to supply the Italian military front. Its narrow curves and tunnel will take you to Passo San Boldo. Then you’ll be able to reach the small canyon of Brent del Art, an authentic geological jewel. From here you can go up Monte Visentin (from the spot where you park your Vespa it is an hour walk with fantastic views) and then down to Lago di Santa Croce. Wonderful landscapes and a fantastic lunch break in Pranolz.

THE MONSTER AND THE LAKE – The year 1963 disaster, the villages of Erto & Casso, the magic lake of Barcis
After crossing a series of very beautiful lakes you then reach the dramatic and striking dam Diga delVajont, where a mountain collapsed in a tank, causing more than 1.000 victims. Everything has been left as in the far 1963. It is possible to visit the ghost villages of Erto and Casso and then go to the magic Lago di Barcis with turquoise waters… a truly fascinating trip. Return via the pass Passo Monte Cavallo crossing a bridge and a road only allowed to motorbikes and not cars.

PROSECCO & SALAMI – Between cultivation and culture
In the area between Conegliano and Valdobbiadene there are more than 120 km of tortuous roads and hundreds of hills and cellars, which cross villages and cities where it is possible to taste the flavour of the century-old art of wine-making in these lands. The itinerary includes Valdobbiadene, Guia, Combai, Cison di Valmarino and Rolle. It is possible to enjoy splendid views and fascinating landscapes, with medieval ruins, monasteries, old churches and traces of the civil and religious history of local people. And do not forget the food and the typical products which can be found in the numberless shops and local restaurants.

VILLAS AND PALACES – Amongst the wonders of Palladio and Canova
Take the time to visit the Palladian Villa di Maser, Unesco world heritage (guided tours), Il Tempio Canoviano a Possagno, Villa dei Cedria Valdobbiadene and the magic town of Asolo. This area is a unique melting pot of architecture and history of art, the best place “to lose your way” and roam around.

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