The Carnival of Venice returns from February 11th to 28th, transforming Venice into a huge artisanal workshop. “Experiencing” the Carnival in Venice means immersing yourself in the party by definition. Venice offers a rich carnet of performances, shows, and events that are also related to wine and food and to its excellent products. The literary, theatrical, and musical, tradition, both nationally and globally, offers many ideas that will inspire the artistic and scenic choices made under the artistic direction of Marco Maccapani.

Everything revolves around the “Creatum” as an idea of recommencing, as a revival of the ancient origins of Venice. The names of the alleys and squares of the city, such as “Calle del forno”, “Ruga dei oresi”, “Campiello del remer”, “Fondamenta dei vetrai”, “Calle dei fuseri” or “Frezzaria” are a celebration of the arts and crafts, which find their utmost expression in Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square).
Like in a wonderland village, created from the scenery of the Teatro La Fenice, artisans and their quality crafts narrate the unique story of Venice.

Arts and Crafts are the protagonists of this Carnival. Live, for the public, mask makers, fabric makers, tailors, and glassmakers will open their workshops in Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square),as they would have  in Venice during the 18th Century.  The most minute and delicate tasks will be amplified in the Square on a large screen. Actors and masks will emphasize the most important moments and steps of the craft activities carried out. The foundations for conveying the message that the traditions and arts of Venice are real, preserved unchanged, and present  for centuries in the city. The stage machinery set up in Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square) will be the framework for a large tableau vivant with masks, costumes, and fabrics , where arts and crafts are framed by glimpses of the Venetian life of yore, where theatre and music alternate up to the ultimate triumph.

The programme dedicated to theatre and music is rich and varied. The art of disguise has had one of its greatest expressions precisely here in Venice. The 2017 Edition of the Carnival, therefore,  rediscovers theatre, opera, and comedy not only inside theatres but outside, on the stage of Piazza San Marco (Saint Mark’s Square), as well as  in the campi – squares, and calli – alleys. A great show in which the world of reality and artistic illusion come together, enhancing all the traditions that characterise the arts and crafts culture of the Venetian civilization.
The Carnival also brings back music to the squares and alleys, and also along the canals of Venice, transforming the celebration into a travelling Carnival.

The commitment of the local cultural institutions, spread throughout the territory both in Venice and on the mainland, continues with the cultural programme: a schedule distributed throughout the entire period of the event, connecting all the city’s cultural realities, from the Civic Museums to the Network of State Museums, including independent private foundations, in a valuable  calendar of events (including concerts, conferences, exhibitions, theatrical and film festivals) focused on the theme of Carnival, works that bear witness to the culture of art and crafts in Venice; iconographic itineraries focused on arts even in holy places; theatrical and comedy performances; children’s tales and puppet theatres, as well as workshops to teach them to become in turn protagonists of arts and crafts.


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